Why we are needed

To state the obvious, we are a budding start-up in the in the e-commerce space and we connect you to the nearby stores online and fuel your impulsive shopping with great deal discovery and offers running in your neighbourhood, which otherwise you didn’t even know existed.

The idea is fairly simple and it makes perfect sense to look for items near your home to begin with, so that you can get them faster, avail instant discounts and bargains, exchange the item immediately in case there is an issue and most importantly, you trust and know the people and the stores who are doing business with you.

Also you get to interact with an actual Human who can guide you to better buying decisions while making the purchase.

The current Online marketplace is crowded with shopping sites and you hardly give a damn if the discount in one site is not up to your expectations and your hunt goes on forever. Also you never know if the online seller is a genuine one or they are selling counterfeit items. The only credible source is the review and that’s always (say 99%) in the one to two star zones.

All these and many more issues with the current e-commerce business model and the need for bringing in more trust to online shopping are the reasons for our existence. 

These problems made us think what can be done to improve the online shopping experience and make it as fast as possible so that the customer can benefit from faster, trust worthy and reliable services online and the existing system of retail businesses can also get a boost from the emerging e-commerce phenomenon.

With that thought in mind we started working with the brick and mortar stores to bring them online and help them catch up with the growing online market.

Our focus is on the smart consumer like you who is connected 24/7 through the Smartphones and like to do things instantly rather than preach patience after buying something at the speed of light.

As a customer of online shopping ourselves we could never wrap our head around the fact that we have to wait for 10-15 days for a product to arrive at our doorsteps after we made the purchase. The wait just killed the thrill and happiness of buying something and destroyed the feeling of pure pleasure of shopping on the go. We hated it and wanted it to be fixed ASAP.

We also noticed that the stores are providing an equal amount of discount but since they don’t have a platform to showcase the deals, they lose out and eventually miss a potential sale. And this made us think what we could do to make the world a little more simpler by solving these twin issue of reliable and trusted online shopping experience for customer and increased online sale for stores.

The solution we discovered was "Nexhop".

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring online every single store that’s open for business and give them an equal opportunity and an unbiased platform for selling only their best and most trusted products to the online shoppers. We work for creating a brand loyalty for the brick and mortar stores in the Online world.

At Nexhop, we are firm believers of the notion that technology is a great equalizer and by providing the right tools and support, we can really make online shopping as real and as close as possible to the real life shopping.

So come join us in the “Hop Revolution” as we like to call it and make a difference in the life of a Real store and also in your own lives by discovering the true potential of hyper local online shopping!